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The Parent and Toddler group is a great place to be. Not only does it provide the communities children with activities and learning skills, it also gives the parents/carers a place to go where they can interact with others, providing that much needed "adult conversation".  The group brings people of all ages together, which ensures the vibrancy of the group.

We promote healthy eating by providing mid morning snacks, comprising of a variety of fruits along with no added suger fruit drinks.  The group has access to adult refreshments and baby changing facilities.

The extensive range of toys/activities help provide the stimulation every child craves, essential to help them with their first steps towards school.  We strive  for, and believe in, the foundation  elements necessary to a happy child.

The parent and toddler group is run by volunteers and is non profit making.  All donations go back into providing this service, which is much needed and appreciated within this growing community. Just to be part of something like this group, really gives you a sense of achievement and community spirit. All the parents/carers who attend have input into what we do, how we operate, everyone gets to put their ideas forward and create a happy place for the children.

06/05/2017 Update : Big thank you to ROCA - Respect Our Communities (FCHO) for supporting our group and our achievments in the community the funding will go a long way to helping us deliver our aims.

Aslo, we are now provinding a cooked breakfast for all attending, Mmmm yum yum.

We also have the added bonus of being open during school holidays, which allows the sibblings to come and join in the fun!

We really look forward to seeing you any Friday morning between 9.30am and 11.30am.  We are a group who are excellent at making parents and carers welcome.  Just ask for Clair


Greenacres Schedule

FridayFrom 09:30 To 11:30

Contact: Clair
Telephone: 0161 652 0095

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